Managing risks and hazards requires both a solid plan, and action.

Sofvie puts your framework into action by capturing all of your health and safety data in a centralized place and empowering every member of your organization to play an active role in preventing incidents.

How Sofvie helps you save lives


Allows workers to report risk and recommend
controls, directly from the field.


Allows everyone to efficiently complete
risk assessments, spending less time in the
office and more time in the field.


Instantly report a hazard from any
mobile and desktop form, eliminating the
need to create redundant documents.


Assign specific actions to specific
individuals, with visibility of progress until


Central information management
and reduction of slow paper processes.


Centrally manage your hazards via the
powerful Actions Registry, providing an
effective and efficient application of

Safety Is The Output

System-wide occupational health and safety features

Offline/Online functionality

Progressive web application, functional on all modern devices, operating systems, and browsers

Multilingual (English, French, Spanish) Following internationalization standards

Greatly reduces record retrieval and admin time, enabling more time in the field

Manage your entire work-force with as few as 5 user subscriptions

Streamline your organization's communication

Satisfied Client Testimonial

Going from Paper to Sofvie was a great change. As a supervisor trying to manage my monthly compliances or working through incidents it saves alot of time, effort and most importantly…paper. WIth Sofive its easy to have support from remote locations and off site because they can work through the documents with you via the web application and it makes sharing easy with the download PDF feature.

I like that I can pull up my training records incase I am unsure of my qualifications on a certain unit. I can also ask my guys to pull up theirs on their tablet as well. Its handy for performing investigations or tracking completed work through the incident tool and pre-task tool. During lineup I can verify who has read my lineup and they can download it to always have it on hand.

Kyle S.

Site Supervisor

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