What is the WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program?

Participants of the WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program are eligible for financial rebates, recognition, and a healthier, safer work environment. The program is designed to help identify gaps in your workplace’s health and safety framework and creates a system of practices, policies, and procedures where controls are needed.

WSIB Management Wheel

How does Sofvie help with the WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program?

Sofvie simplifies the process of completing your initial health and safety assessment and provides a clear vision of where your highest health and safety gaps are. As you progress through the program, Sofvie captures your efforts and advancements, and keeps track of the data related to your action plan.

Once the initial steps are complete, Sofvie also assists in conducting audits and reviews and is a vital tool in your ongoing Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle.



Level 1

Leadership and commitment

Health and safety participation

Health and safety responsibilities

Recognition of hazards

Risk assessment

Level 2

Health and safety accountabilities

Control of document

Legal and other requirements

Health and safety objectives

Level 3

Corporate social responsibility



Level 1

Health and safety communication

Control of hazards

Emergency prevention and preparedness

Emergency response

Level 2


Health and safety training

Control of documents

Control of records

First aid

Return-to-work program requirements, forms, and tools

Return-to-work roles and responsibilities

Accommodation and return-to-work plans

Pre-use inspections

Preventive maintenance

Contractor management program

Level 3

Workplace health promotion

Change management and procurement


Level 1

Monitoring, measurement and analysis

Review health and safety trends

Internal audit

External audit

Management review



Level 1

Injury, illness, and incident reporting

Incident investigation and analysis


Level 2

✔  Corrective action

Level 3

Health and safety continual improvement planning