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    April 4, 2023 – Sudbury ON

    Advanced Analytics (AI/ML) and Wearable Technology Project Receives Funding Boost from NOHFC

    Left to right: Jessica Spencer (Cambrian College), Mario Grossi (Technica Mining), Cody Cacciotti (Cambrian College),
    Gus Minor (Sofvie Inc.), Stephen Gravel (Cambrian College), John Moon (Cambrian College)

    Sofvie Inc., a Sudbury-based health and safety software company on a mission to get workers home safely, received $250,000 in funding from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) to support an innovative project targeting Advanced Analytics (including Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) and Wearable Technology.

    The project, a collaboration with Cambrian R&D, aims to provide key insights by combining human-entered data and biometric data to assist individuals in identifying potential health risks and hazards in the workplace that are unique to them. By providing real-time data on health and well-being, sensors on wearable technology will be used to assist employers in taking timely and appropriate action to prevent injuries and illnesses and help to ensure employees are working in safe and healthy environments.

    “Wearable biometric sensors can be used to support the early detection and management of occupational hazards and improve health and safety,” says Dr. Sidney Shapiro, Manager of Data Sciences at Sofvie Inc., adding, “Wearable technology offers front-line workers a deeper understanding of the physical factors contributing to their work.”


    “Technica Mining is extremely proud to be early adopters of Sofvie; it’s helping us bring our people home safely every day,” shares Mario Grossi, Chief Executive Officer for Technica Mining. “We are very excited about Sofvie’s roadmap in advancing health and safety through their advanced analytics program together with the introduction of wearable technologies. In an industry where we focus so much on technology to keep our capital equipment at its peak performance, it is inspiring to see Sofvie dedicating technology to keep our most treasured assets healthy and safe – our People!”

    Gus Minor, Chief Innovation Officer at Sofvie, adds, “Advanced analytics and wearable technology is the future of hazard and risk management and prevention. The use of front-line data, wearables, and artificial intelligence/machine learning will support our clients in flagging common hazards and risks before they become a threat that impacts the ability of a person to return home safely. It will also enhance safety protocols, provide everyone (starting with the worker) with insights into common risks, and strengthen mental and physical safety practices for employees at every level of the organization. We are proud to be working with Cambrian R&D to prototype and develop the technology and grateful for the support of NOHFC in making this impactful project a reality.”


    “Cambrian R&D, through its Centre for Smart Mining, works with companies like Sofvie to provide access to equipment, students and faculty researchers to help to accelerate their roadmap to commercialization and de-risk technology adoption in the mining sector,” shared Cody Cacciotti, Business Developer with Cambrian R&D. “We are proud to be working with Sofvie Inc. as they continue to be the ideal partner for applied research activity as their staff are engaged in the process and are committed to providing meaningful, hands-on experiential learning opportunities for our students.”