Sofvie provides so many benefits and functions to organizations, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start.

Most clients come to Sofvie with a single issue that needs addressing and quickly discover that Sofvie goes far beyond achieving regulatory compliance.
Read these frequently asked questions to get a better understanding of what Sofvie can do for your organization.

How long are the contracts?

We believe that once you start using Sofvie you will never want to stop. Accordingly, our license agreements are on a month to month basis and on a grow with you model. This allows for the flexibility of use and terms to be completely within your control. 


How is Sofvie different from a physical paper process?

The primary differences between paper and EHS software processes is centralized reliability and accessibility. With paper, information is often incomplete, formatted incorrectly, physically damaged, and tucked away in a filing cabinet where it will either never be seen again or a hassle to retrieve when needed.
EHS software captures the correct data, remains visible to whomever needs to see it, and triggers action with accountability as required.


Is Sofvie expensive?

The cost of Sofvie has a marginal impact compared to other operational expenses. What most find is by removing the paper and printing costs, the transition becomes a replacement cost with much more earned value. Each user is issued a license. This is less than a pair of  work gloves daily for front line workers. But the cost is far overshadowed by the savings and quality improvements. Many Sofvie users report that the resources saved throughout a single incident investigation will cover the cost of an entire year of Sofvie licenses.


Do I have to pay for every worker?

No, you do not have to pay for every employee in your organization. Sofvie’s pricing model is based on user licenses and only applies to employees using the software.


Is getting started complicated?

Not at all. The Sofvie environment is typically introduced in easily digestible stages which are predetermined during the kickoff process. We also work closely with your organization’s change management team to create Super Users who understand all of the functions inside and out. To scale this expertise quickly and easily, a comprehensive training portal is provided to every Sofvie user.


Does Sofvie enable regulatory compliance?

With Sofvie’s EHS software, compliance is a constant state. Regulatory bodies require specific information and practices which are inherent with using Sofvie. With properly captured data and due diligence, you can generate reports with the click of a button.


Does Sofvie provide health and safety framework consultation services?

Sofvie does not provide H&S framework services. However, we have partnered with industry professionals who specialize in this type of work and can help your organization customize a health and safety framework that leverages Sofvie as the tool of choice to make the framework vibrant and to maximize your safety culture.


Does Sofvie provide training?

Yes. We have services available to train your success team to understand and operate all of the nuances of your Sofvie environment. We can also help you with one-off tasks such as creating custom forms and I.T. integrations. Beyond that, we provide a comprehensive self-training learning portal filled with how-to videos for every occasion.


What is Sofvie customization?

There are 2 components of Sofvie that can be customized to suit the way you do business.
The first is custom forms. Our templated forms will accommodate the vast majority of EHS management situations. However, you may have data that is to be capture in very specific formats.
The second is your general Sofvie experience. Sofvie provides a world of functionality facilitated by numerous modules. Some of these modules may not be used by some of your users. Hiding them from view prevents potential confusion and allows you to navigate Sofvie as intended. We are also always ready to help you develop custom modules specific for your industry or internal requirements.


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