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Sofvie is a proven software platform that connects every level of an organization.

It enhances communication and redefines hazard and risk management in the workplace by intelligently analyzing data gathered from the front-line. Built on industry 4.0, Sofvie creates an accessible point of reference which aids in critical decision making processes.

Sofvie is designed to align your culture, reduce incident and accident severity, and ultimately aid in minimizing life altering events in the workplace.

Mobile App

A user-friendly data gathering and communication tool accessible to front-line workers through their mobile device. Offering online and offline features, Sofvie serves as a reliable management tool to use in any work environment.

Web Platform

A web platform built for performance management. Sofvie offers customization, optimized dashboards, data storage, records management, live field insights and reporting capabilities.

What makes us different?

We put people first! Using forward thinking concepts and state of the art technology, our system is built for the front-line worker, their daily experiences on the job, and most importantly their safety needs. We customize our system to accommodate and enhance your culture, not the other way around.

Sofvie provides users with the ability to combine information within our software, and data collected from the front-lines, to create baselines and analyze trends. This enables users to predict and prevent hazards, near misses, and incidents in the workplace.

Features and Benefits

Online and Offline Functionality

Enjoy full functionality of the mobile app while offline. The app performs automatic and seamless sync with the network as soon as an internet connection is established.


Paper is hard to maintain and track. The instantaneous availability of data via digital form submissions is much easier to manage, refer and leverage than ever before.

Collaborative Intelligence

Collaborating the information from human, machine, IoT and other forms of input create a fantastic way to identify and support the positive and negative risk potentials for everyone.

Live Field Insights

Beautiful dashboards and interactive reporting to help guide and support the day to day activities for safe, quality production.

Culture Enhancement

The ease of use and custom integration of the Sofvie platform reinforces your safety culture by adapting and molding to your needs. We enhance, streamline, and make your workflow leaner, easier and more functional which in turn supports a company culture of safety goals and collaboration.

Software and Hardware Integration

Adopting new and unfamiliar software and hardware can be a daunting task. Sofvie adapts and integrates with the software and hardware that you already use in your workflows to ensure that implementation is as easy as possible. Our goal is to eliminate as many roadblocks as possible.


Integration, Implementation and Training Support

Quickly adapting and integrating solutions to fit your individual needs using a white-glove approach. Our Implementation and Integration teams conduct in-person assessments with your teams to help guide solutions that work best for your company. Offering training services catered to your teams needs.

3rd Party Data Integration

Offering data integration with your existing software and hardware into the Sofvie platform to ease transition. This seamless integration results in minimal interruption to your existing workflows. You don’t integrate around us; we integrate with you.

Customization of Application for Client Requirements

Building and customizing your Sofvie platform around your business and its unique needs. From custom forms, pages, and modules to brand-specific colours and styling.

Helpdesk and Technical Support

Support customized to your unique needs. Ensuring responsive, timely service, with emails and alerts regarding the progress of your inquiry.

Custom Reporting

Every company has unique needs. We offer custom forms and reports that function seamlessly with our software and modules.

Hardware Procurement Management

Our team of experts advise on the best hardware solutions to build or upgrade your collaborative intelligence infrastructure. We can access, acquire, and install all required hardware to get your team up and running.

Mobile Device-Fleet Management and Support

Centralized management of all mobile devices within our management portal. Enhancing the experience for app deployment and in field support for your team.

Infrastructure Consulting and Support

If utilizing out-dated, limited, or no existing network infrastructure we will assess, recommend, and assist in establishing infrastructure for optimal performance and availability.

We Are Here to Answer Your Questions

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Market Position

Sofvie equips organizations that keep health and safety at the forefront of their culture and operations. Our system aims to help reduce risk, prevent hazards, near misses, and incidents involved in the workplace through intelligent risk management, ensuring the safety of every worker.

Whether you’re a part of a small, mid-size or large company, we can help to create streamlined solutions for safety and performance management leveraging collaborative intelligence.

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