Mastering the basics of your health and safety framework

With features that provide a direct view of the entire organization, streamlines admin and reporting, and enhances communication, sofvie puts your health and safety framework to work. Take action and start leveraging insight to and from the field today!

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Sofvie was developed to empower frontline workers to take health and safety into their own hands and to streamline communication, reporting, and corrective action. The truth is, sofvie does much more than that by improving work conditions across the entire organization.

Everyone is heard

Accurate, transparent, immediate communication

Complete information about potential hazards and safety procedures

Effortless compliance documentation

Centralized information management

Enhanced culture of awareness and camaraderie

Head home with peace of mind




Customer Reviews

The benefits of having transparency into the organizations of problems areas allows for faster solutions. Secondly, as the employees see management in action on the issues, they report more issues. This reporting energy allows us to “listen” to the employees on a larger scale by looking at overarching issues that can be present in the workplace.

This software is made for the workers. It has a high adoption rate due to the ease of functionality and UIUX. It also offers transparency in safety across the organization. It ensures that all levels of the company can hold each other accountable to get issues resolved, both from employees to managers and managers to each other.

Tyler N.


If you invest the appropriate amount of time and attention into setting up sofvie’s system, action and ongoing maintenance is minimal. Sofvie has a lot to offer, but as a Health and Safety professional the most important thing to me is eliminating the chain of custody issues that we used to have with critical documentation like pre ops, workplace inspections, and line ups. I also don’t have to be on-location to have access to Operations and H&S deliverables anymore. I can be anywhere (home, office, on the road) and still be able to perform my duties without error or complication. For similar reasons, sofvie makes life easier for all divisions (Ops, HR, H&S, Accounts, etc..) of the company. I would encourage any mining company dealing with outdated paper processes to schedule a demo with sofvie.

Chris H.

Operations Manager

Going from Paper to Sofvie was a great change. As a supervisor trying to manage my monthly compliances or working through incidents it saves alot of time, effort and most importantly…paper. WIth Sofive its easy to have support from remote locations and off site because they can work through the documents with you via the web application and it makes sharing easy with the download PDF feature.

I like that I can pull up my training records incase I am unsure of my qualifications on a certain unit. I can also ask my guys to pull up theirs on their tablet as well. Its handy for performing investigations or tracking completed work through the incident tool and pre-task tool. During lineup I can verify who has read my lineup and they can download it to always have it on hand.

Kyle S.

Site Supervisor

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