Everyone deserves a safe and productive workplace.


Health and Safety software makes it possible.

Work Smarter. Work Safer. Work with Sofvie.

Across mining, construction, and manufacturing industries, Sofvie helps minimize uncertainty, mitigate safety concerns, accelerate workflow, and increase communication and engagement – all in real-time.

Sofvie is a powerful and comprehensive health and safety platform. Use it across your business to increase efficiencies, mitigate risk, and optimize collaboration.

The 5 areas that make Sofvie a revolutionary new approach to workplace safety, workflow, and culture.


Industry Leading Occupational Health and Safety Platform

Fully customizable software, flexible and dynamic pricing – Sofvie is industry-leading occupational health and safety software that scales to your organization’s needs. From managing compliance, tasks, hazards, and incidents to streamlining admin and reporting, our innovative software provides you with enhanced cross-organizational communication.


A Safer, More Productive Approach

For high-risk industries, creating a safe, zero-harm workplace isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity. Sofvie offers you peace of mind by creating a culture of safety. Use it to identify potential health and safety risks and minimize their impact to your organization– all through the proactive power of quantitative data. Use Sofvie to get ahead of the problem before it happens.
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An Empowering Digital Tool for Your Employees

Empower your people with Sofvie’s industry-leading digital tool. Through real-time collaboration, Sofvie can greatly change the way employees at all levels approach their roles, interact with each other, and ultimately promote a data-driven culture rooted in safety, efficiency, and communication.


A Culture Game Changer

A work culture that embraces communication and collaboration is a safer, more productive one. Sofvie is a powerful, intuitive tool that will fundamentally change the ways your employees interact with – and perceive – your organization. It can incentivize performance, support your teams, and ultimately enhance workplace morale. Sofvie is the digital tool that tells your employees that you’re really listening to what they need.
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Designed for High-Risk Industries

Sofvie is effective because it was created for workers by workers in high-risk industries – by those who have an in-depth understanding of the demands and challenges your organization faces. Through ease of use and UI/UX, Sofvie provides transparency in safety, ensuring that all levels stay informed, proactive, and accountable.

Minimize risk. Maximize efficiency.

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