Pricing Simplified

With Sofvie, your team gets everything they need at one simple price. No surprise upgrade fees to open up the modules you actually need. No limited usage. No hidden fees.

Just one simple license fee based on your team’s user size.

Additional Modules & Resources

Everything is best with a solid team. We have designed a partnership model to make your health and safety digital transformation even stronger.
Many Sofvie users find these services and gateways valuable.

SDS Management Module Services – MySDS

Culture Audit – Workplace Safety North (WSN)

HSM Framework Development Support – NORCAT

Recognition software

The world of health and safety has gone digital!

Sofvie’s collaborative intelligence platform gives a voice to your entire team.
Start transforming data into wisdom today and bring your workplace health and safety management to a new level.
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Common Questions

Is the learning curve drastic? Do I have to be "techy" to adopt Sofvie properly?

Sofvie is easy to learn. Once you open up the app, everything is natural and intuitive. Even ardent skeptics wonder how they ever lived without Sofvie in a very short period of time.



How long are the contracts?

We bill month-to-month. We want you to love Sofvie and to continue using our collaborative intelligence platform because of how useful it is, not because you are locked into a contract.



Do I have to pay for every worker?

You only have to pay for employees who are Users of Sofvie.



What if I need to integrate with other business systems?

Integrations are part of our services. We do offer the ability to work with your team and other providers to create the connections that work best for you. 



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