What makes us different?

We put people first! Using forward thinking concepts and state of the art technology, our system is built for the front-line worker, their daily experiences on the job, and most importantly their safety needs. We customize our system to accommodate and enhance your culture, not the other way around.

Sofvie provides users with the ability to combine information within our software, and data collected from the front-lines, to create baselines and analyze trends. This enables users to predict and prevent hazards, near misses, and incidents in the workplace.

Mobile App

A user-friendly data gathering and communication tool accessible to front-line workers through their mobile device. Offering online and offline features, Sofvie serves as a reliable management tool to use in any work environment.

Web Platform

A web platform built for performance management. Sofvie offers customization, optimized dashboards, data storage, records management, live field insights and reporting capabilities

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