Sending workers home safe and sound at the end of each and every day is a goal that every company in every industry can agree with.

The Sofvie environmental health and safety management app is built to accommodate teams of all sizes and is flexible enough to enhance safety and decrease risk in all manner of environments.
Leverage the power of Sofvie to satisfy your basic EHS management needs, and discover how much more we have to offer as your team and vision grows.

Our industries include:


Construction men wearing PPE


Sofvie helps the construction industry identify trends, predict risks, and foster a health and safety-centric culture across multiple work sites. Sofvie produces real-time insights so that you can enhance your safety efforts whether your boots are on the ground or you are working remotely.

EHS for automotive manufacturing


In some areas of the world, manufacturing accounts for 10% of all workplace fatalities with an additional 1:5 people suffering from non-fatal injuries. Sofvie provides an entire suite of tools dedicated to reducing these numbers and paving the path to a Zero Harm workplace.

EHS management software for Heavy equipment


Sofvie was born and raised in the mining industry. Use our mobile and desktop cloud-based apps to protect your efficiency, equipment, and (most importantly) your workforce. Save dozens of administration hours when managing compliance, incident investigations, and other safety processes by transitioning to Sofvie’s centralized intelligence platform.

Oil refinery

Oil & Gas

Sofvie is designed to enhance communication, increase productivity, and save lives within the oil and gas industry. We have developed a wide variety of modules specifically to address the issues you deal with and goals you have set.

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