Compliance Management

Sofvie’s EHS management software inherently achieves compliance.

EHS compliance is the act of adhering to regulatory oversight as it relates to reducing injuries, illnesses, and contamination in the environment and workplace. Its aim is to achieve a zero harm workplace. EHS compliance requires that organizations follow health and safety regulations, assess and address risks with due diligence, and capture EHS data in a standard format.

Compliance Is Sofvie’s Natural State

Putting your health and safety framework to action is compliance. Not only does Sofvie facilitate compliance, it facilitates going far beyond.

Provides Complete, Intact, Easy To Retrieve Data

The paper process involves scribbling notes while in the field, carrying them with you through dirt and moisture, and placing them in a filing cabinet sometimes never to be seen again. Digital records are immaculate and are instantly available across the entire organization.

Seamless Expansion Of Your Existing Health And Safety Framework

Paper-based health and safety processes are limited to how they can be used. Sofvie’s cloud-based solution picks up where paper leaves off by injecting data, dashboards, culture, and prediction-oriented insights.

Health And Safety Culture

Paper-based processes treat health and safety like a chore. With Sofvie, health and safety is a lifestyle. Instead of an item that they check off of their to-do list, workforces equipped with Sofvie live and breath safety and incorporate it into every action.

Define Prescribed Activities

Everyone is in control of safety, and everyone can get the job done. From the CEO to a summer student on their first day, prescriptions to reduce risk and enhance safety are available to everyone.


  • Provide descriptions, photos, and pertinent details about a risk or hazard
  • Report risks and hazards to appropriate departments and individuals
  • Assign corrective actions to responsible parties
    Health and Safety Compliance
    EHS Compliance

    Monitor Progress

    Knowing that your voice is heard is a great feeling. Keep an eye on prescribed actions, who is handling things, how it’s being handled, and when actions have been completed.


    • Verify that risks you’ve flagged are being addressed
    • Keep an eye on progress and time lapse
    • Send reminders or loop additionally people into the project

      Control Due Diligence

      Take control of your work environment with Sofvie. Assign tasks, send reminders, and sign off on completion. Real time data produces real time results.


      • Scrutinize remedies to ensure they are adequate
      • Confirm that your descriptions are correct and that your recommendations are taken seriously
      • Confirm that hazards have been addressed and work with safety
        Safety Compliance Management

        The EHS world has gone digital!

        Sofvie’s collaborative intelligence platform gives a voice to your entire team.
        Start transforming data into wisdom today and bring your EHS Management to a new level.
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