The mining industry suffers from some of the highest rates of incidents, accidents, and fatalities all around the world. We are going to change that.

Sofvie was created in Sudbury, a major mining hub in Ontario Canada. Most members of the community here have suffered a tragic loss in one way or another. Often, severe injuries and even deaths in the mining industry could have been prevented with a little foresight and better communication.

Searching for an adequate solution to this problem leads to disappointment. There just wasn’t an EHS Management Software on the market that went beyond emulating the existing antiquated paper process – so, we built one!

We started where it counts most; boots on the ground.

Workers are on the front line and the most at risk. They are also the most qualified to identify hazards and to catalyze the communication required to correct existing risks and avoid them in the future.

Using Sofvie has fostered a positive culture, streamlined compliance, reduced damaged equipment, reduced lost time, expedited pre-shifts, and centralized intelligence to build 100% risk visibility and the ability to predict and prevent risk across all levels of the mining organization.