Everything you need to know about EHS Management Software

Learn all about Environmental Health and Safety, and how Sofvie is designed to send workers home safely at the end of the day.

What Is EHS Management?

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is a framework for managing the risks associated with work. Also known as EHSQ (Environmental Health, Safety and Quality) or QHSSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Security, and Environment), management consists of formal practices, policies, and data formats designed to uncover current risks, discover how injuries or damage to equipment has happened, and prevent future risks from occurring.

The goal of this framework is to prevent illness, damage to equipment, and personal injury. Governing bodies all over the work have particular bare-minimum standards which require adherence. Sofvie goes above and beyond the bare minimum by providing the tools for organizations to raise standards.

What Is EHS Management Software?

EHS Management Software is a specialized digital app that puts your health and safety framework into action, and removes paper from the equation. This ensures that data entered into the system is complete and formatted correctly, training records and other critical information is easily retrieved, shared, and assigned, and that accountability is attached to tasks via automated triggers.

Enacting your health and safety framework in this manner increases productivity due to the time savings digital processes create and simplifies communication across the entire organization.

What Does Sofvie Do Differently?

Sofvie focuses on centralizing intelligence to reduce and prevent risks, achieve compliance, and perform many other health and safety related functions.

But, we do so by empowering the worker. Placing workers at the forefront of safety and putting them in control produces rich, accurate data as well as a culture centered around getting home safely at the end of the work day.

Our system is designed to keep everything in a centralized location. Keeping and working with your records inside of a single EHS Management System ensures that information is never missing when you need it. Sofvie is constantly adding new features and functions to the EHS Management Software in order to simplify the process even further and to ensure that future framework innovations can be accommodated.

Why Does It Matter?

The manner in which Sofvie addresses environmental health and safety centralizes EHS data, standardizes data entry, automates communication, and makes all of your EHS information instantly available. In short, management saves time, provides both granular and holistic views of the organization, saves money.

More importantly, it places health and safety in the hands of frontline workers, fostering a culture built around risk avoidance, and sending them home safely at the end of the day. Sofvie is a powerful EHS management tool that identifies the root causes of risk and helps to prevent injury.

EHS Management Framework

EHS Management apps perform best when they are coupled with well-structured policies, procedures, and practices. Creating and enacting a health and safety structure is a moral imperative designed to protect the physical and mental health, safety, and well-being of workers, and planning is everything.

Many newer organizations do not have a formal health and safety framework, and many longstanding organizations have not updated their framework in many years. If your business could use some health and safety bolstering, a complete overhaul, or you simply don’t know where you stand, Sofvie encourages you to contact one of our partners to conduct a health and safety framework assessment.

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