If nothing else, the past few years has taught us that business can operate without the need for boardrooms and cubicles, and that health and safety management is a 24/7 job. Many organizations made the transition without a single hiccup. Others, however, are still wrestling with the logistics of it all or even holding out for ‘back to normal’. 

For those holding out, consider the latest labour shortage statistics. Many people still need to stay home to care for others. Many people are cautious about returning to close-quarter work spaces. Many people are no longer willing to work for wages that are less than required to provide the basic necessities of life and are instead choosing to collect and enhance their skills needed to fast track their careers. Today, top talent cites benefits and the ability to work remotely as their top 2 priorities.

Add to this the fact that the world has encountered multiple pandemic near misses over the past decade (mad cow disease, SARS, Avian bird flu, etc..), indicating that Covid-19 is not a once-in-a-lifetime event. We recommend the adage “prepare for the worst, hope for the best” in this case.

All of this adds up to the probability of having to look outside of your immediate physical area for the talent your organization deserves. 

For organizations seeking the right tools for this transformation, here’s what Sofvie can do for your team. 



Supervisors no longer have to trek to the work site to collect paper reports. No longer do managers have to shuffle through mounds of paper in order to find critical information when they need it. This is especially crucial when it comes to incident investigations. Having the entire chain of communication at your fingertips keeps things clear and concise. 


Collaborative Intelligence:

Collaborate Intelligence

Information is an output from almost every single worker, regardless of location and job title. Sharing information via centralized tools like sofvie not only demonstrates how much work is being accomplished by individuals, it enables collaboration. 


Positive Recognition:

Positive Recognition

When you are not physically witnessing work being performed, it is sometimes difficult to determine if they are doing the bare minimum, putting in a little extra effort, or going above and beyond. All you see is the end result. Sofvie’s Positive Recognition module empowers each user to flag coworkers, management, and direct reports with praise for a job well done. At any point, from anywhere in the world, you are able to identify top performers with full context. 

“In a Boston Consulting Group study, 75% of employees working remotely report being able to maintain or improve productivity on their individual tasks, and 51% say the same about collaborative tasks.”

The ultimate transition occurs when you adjust your thinking. The old way to measure the productivity of an employee is by counting the hours they sit at their desk or physically work on site. Today, it’s more productive to measure output. Managers are aware of the tasks that employees are responsible for and roughly how long these tasks should take. As long as everyone is meeting their deadlines, producing the same volume work that they would at their desk or on site, and the level of quality isn’t suffering, there really is no problem.


Plus, you hired them for a reason. You trust them.