We all know the risks of playing ‘the broken telephone game’ when it comes to health and safety. When the chain of communication is linear and relies on each and every participant to flawlessly relay the message, incidents occur.

With sofvie, the original message stays intact and is never more than 3 clicks away.


In many organizations, when damage to equipment or property occurs the frequent response is to claim “it was like that when I got here”. With sofvie, that is no longer a possibility. Pre-shifts, pre-opps, and pre-starts (and their ‘post’ counterparts) leave a clear trail of the status of equipment and property. Because of this transparency and accountability, workers no longer point the finger. Rather, they become more vigilant and look out for each other. In short, they have each other’s backs.


Adding the functionality of being able to assign accountability, due dates, signature, and physical action to a centralized file brings collaboration much closer to real life. Beyond literal collaborative documents, you’ll begin to witness employees working more closely together after starting to use sofvie. With a common goal, workers watch each others’ backs to ensure that equipment and property isn’t damaged, and that people work safely.

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With all of your health and safety-related information living in a centralized location, it’s increasingly easy to retrieve when you need it. It’s also more complete. Sofvie users tend to be more thorough in their descriptions, include photographic samples, and to tag related people and processes when they are uploading reports. Rather than investing hour upon hour into tracking down individuals, scattered records, and trying to assemble an accurate timeline of events, managers can now simply identify the correct files to collect within an incident report.

This type of efficiency increase is also present during typical work functions like cross-shifts. Everything you need to know about an individual’s experience, capabilities, and certifications are accessible in real time. Rather than scramble to retrieve information from ground level or head office, workers can move directly to the next job site.

Competitive Advantages

Contractors know how stressful bidding on tenders can be, they need every advantage they can get. Not only does simply using sofvie demonstrate a focus on well organized safety protocols, it also clearly demonstrates your organization’s safety record. Incidents often carry hefty financial liabilities, so this is a very attractive feature to hiring organizations.

Beyond that, sofvie helps to attract and retain top talent. The ability to work remotely is a highly sought after feature to the modern workforce, and so are advanced tools.

Although it’s critical to start your path towards a zero harm workplace with a specific goal in mind, keep an open mind while doing so. You may be surprised to find how many ways you can change the way you do business for the better.

“True safety takes synchronizing many moving parts. It’s well worth the effort, and once you’ve reached your goals you’ll notice a lot of surprising benefits.”