Health and safety sure is at the tops of everyone’s minds these days, but it’s been that way in the mining and a handful of other industries for decades. Workplace incidents have led to the accumulation of thousands of lost-time hours, personal injuries, and fatalities. This has taken its toll on productivity, profit, and the GDP of entire countries. More importantly, it has debilitated individuals and has destroyed families. 

The same industries have been aware of the impact to their communities and have long ago vowed to improve occupational working conditions. Many organizations have made drastic strides on how they measure health and safety, and have created health and safety frameworks that result in safer places to work. 

Recently, companies like Sofvie Inc. have created software that accelerates how effective all of this effort is, and lays the groundwork for creating predictive models and automation using new technologies such as A.I. and machine learning. The current hurdle is that, by and large, this software only functions using a single language, usually English. 

The major issue with this is that most of the most hazardous industries operate internationally. Collecting data in a foreign language is an onerous task and, given the nature of health and safety software, can carry tremendous implications when errors occur. This requires translation, but Google Translate simply won’t do. 


Google Translate Health and Safety

To address the need for accurate health and safety information served in native languages that consider localized jargon and industry terms, Sofvie has just launched both French and Spanish translations following i18n protocols. This means that Spanish and French speaking workforces can now leverage the power of Sovie’s (EHS) Environmental Health and Safety software to fuel their journey towards a zero harm workplace. 

That path always begins by mastering the basics of communication, culture, and engagement, and removing paper from the equation. 


“When you become an expert at filling out incident reports, there’s a problem. Our goal is to have incidents become so rare that you forget what the report even looks like”
Joey Santi – Business Development Manager, Sofvie Inc. 

As Sofvie enhances your health and safety framework and brings you towards a sophisticated system of hazard mitigation and incident prevention, they will simultaneously re-establish your health and safety foundations, and now in more ways than ever. 

Language enhancements are just one of the many improvements and new tools offered through the release of Sofvie 1.2. Learn more about them here. 

Although these 3 languages only account for approximately 21% of the Earth’s population, it’s a major impact and certainly a step in the right direction.  To learn more about how Sofvie enhances health and safety frameworks in multiple languages click here or contact