What defines sofvie is its ability to empower workers to collect and report critical health and safety information, and for health and safety managers to use that data to strengthen health and safety frameworks by identifying trends and enacting new preventative measures. 

What surprises sofvie users is how much more the app can do. 

Using sofvie, hazard and incident information is logged into a collaborative intelligence platform. This involves a repository of photographic records, change management files, rich safety data, employee records, procedures and policies, and the ability to assign actions to individuals or groups.

Using sofvie strengthens health and safety frameworks, exposing gaps and new opportunities in existing processes. Once this begins,  users naturally start to think about their other processes and often come to the conclusion that new efficiencies can be introduced elsewhere. 

This is the same concept as drinking water from rusty pipes your entire life and then switching to filtered water. It’s quite possible that you’ve gone years of drinking compromised water without knowing that something is wrong. After drinking filtered water for only a short while, the second you take a sip from rusty pipes, the metallic taste is unmistakable.

The natural next step in this process is to investigate the potential harms of contaminants in the water you drink, and then to question what else you’re putting in your body that may be harmful. You are going to find new ways to keep your body safe and healthy.

A similar phenomenon occurs when you start using sofvie. At first, you are going to be satisfying an immediate need. This usually consists of a more streamlined way to store and retrieve records, addressing a recurring hazard, or the need for a more robust health and safety framework. Once initial needs are met, it exposes other areas of business that could benefit from more meaningful data or more efficient ways of working.


We’ve received numerous questions such as:

“Can you help us move our entire HR process over to sofvie?”

“How can I use sofvie to manage my PPE inventory?”

“Can I use the positive recognition module to organize an employee rewards program?”


Sofvie can certainly demonstrate how beneficial a switch to digital operations can be.

The most significant surprise is at the cultural level. Workers think and act upon Health and Safety. In time, you’ll observe that your employees will report more risks and hazards, confident in the rectification and communication of the risk. Concurrently, you will experience the reduction in your HIRA risk matrix because you empowered employee engagement at each level of the organization. In this moment, your goal of culture shift has occurred.

This way of thinking and operating is easily transferable to other business functions. We are proud to contribute to inspiring innovation.