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“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Andrew Carnegie

We are proud of each an every member of the Sofvie team. Each person contributes fresh ideas, unique perspectives, and carefully honed talent.

Portrait of Gus

Gus Minor

Chief Innovation Officer

The visionary behind Sofvie’s current and future abilities and potential. As a former underground worker, Gus possesses first-hand experience and knowledge of all of the organizational and communication obstacles that many industries face.

Having his own personal experience with workplace tragedy, you can count on Gus to be the proponent of change that pushes EHS management software which will drive the path towards a Zero Harm and well informed workplace. Starting by putting people first!

Leah Beaudoin

Executive Assistant

‘Executive Assistant’ barely begins to describe Leah’s contributions to the Sofvie organization, but the title “the glue that keeps us all together” wouldn’t fit on a business card.

As one of Sofvie’s earliest employees, Leah has (and continues to) wear many hats and plays an integral role in the success of every department and individual. She has somehow managed to thrive as a frontline worker, manager, and everywhere in between without missing a beat.

Portrait of Leah
Portrait of Leah

Shelley Lachapelle

Client Success Specialist

Adopting new technology can be daunting, but not with Shelley on your side! Shelley is responsible for understanding your goals and how to measure them, coordinating your kickoff, and maintaining a relationship so that you can get as much value from Sofvie as possible.

Shelley’s lengthy experience in the not-for-profit sector has engrained a sense of selflessness resulting in unmatched empathy and understanding, and has empowered her to be a reliable ally throughout your journey to a Zero Harm workplace.

Ryan Judd

Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

Sofvie’s approach to the EHS Management Software market is to focus on empowering the user. While this is a noisy industry with a lot of information and plenty of bold claims, Sofvie prefers to stay humble. We tell the story of WHY we have committed our time and attention to a Zero Harm workplace and allow you to come to your own conclusions.

With almost 2 decades worth of marketing expertise, Ryan has come to understand the entire customer journey and is responsible for taking the nature of Sofvie’s EHS management functionality and distilling it into easily understood value proposition that organizations across the globe can easily be very comfortable with placing Sofvie at the center of their vision and journey to a Zero Harm Workplace.

Portrait of Ryan
Portrait of Gibs

Gibs Bastien

Product Manager

In order for any product to function intuitively, a million little things have to go just right in the background. Gibs is the man who makes that happen.

As a 15 year data systems specialist and IT professor, Gibs is well versed in managing a team of experts to transform vision into reality.

Pragith Prakash

Quality and Technical Services Manager & Lead R&D Data Scientist

Pragith has a passion for connecting business systems with emerging technologies, and with a Masters in Business Administration and over 8 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, he possesses the insights needed to understand what keeps businesses running.

Count on Pragith’s relentless effort to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes so that your Sofvie experience is intuitive and productive.

Portrait of Pragith
Portrait of Dan

Dan Suciu

User Experience / User Interface Lead

The best software on the planet is destined to fail if users don’t know how to use it. That’s where Danny comes in. With years of development and UX experience under his belt, Danny is well equipped to anticipate how you expect Sofvie’s EHS management software to work and to place all of the navigation and functionality exactly where you expect it to be.

Danny carries formal marketing education, professional mining experience, has lived in several countries across the globe, and is multilingual. This combination is the perfect blend of experience and talent needed to translate complex systems into easily understood concepts.

Brandon McKee

Database Architect Lead

When it comes time to connect your business systems and database to Sofvie’s environment, Brandon is the one who takes the reins. This data back-end effort is only the beginning of your relationship with Brandon. Once you are up and running, he is right there by your side helping with report and dashboard development.

As a devout family man, Brandon brings a sense of camaraderie to the office that helps everyone collaborate at a meaningful level.

Portrait of Brandon
Portrait of Robert

Bob Rivest

Product Development Lead

Sofvie currently offers the most advanced EHS management software available to organizations like yours. To stay that way, Bob spearheads R&D efforts with exciting new features and functions on a constant basis.

Being a lover of the great outdoors, it’s clear that Bob is inspired by Mother Nature. Perhaps that is why the front end of Sofvie feels so natural.

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