Transform Data into Wisdom

Sofvie is a software focused on minimizing workplace hazards and aligning workplace culture using collaborative intelligence. We provide an all-in-one transformative system leading to enhanced productivity and due diligence.

The Sofvie Advantage

Fully embracing Industry 4.0, Sofvie provides the ability to combine technology and human data to create baselines and analytics that enable companies to efficiently manage risks. We seek to turn data into wisdom by empowering workers to make smarter decisions and arrive home safely.

Tested and proven by front line workers and safety professionals, Sofvie offers:

  • Collaborative Intelligence
  • Software and Hardware Integration Solutions
  • Online & Offline Data Collection
  • Records Management
  • Live Field Insight
  • Incident and Hazard Management
  • Planning and Risk Management
  • Mobility and Accessibility
  • Advanced Analytics
  • and more more

Our Mission

Everyone has the right to go home safely. At Sofvie, we believe that quality, health and safety are a direct result of effectively managing risks in the workplace.

We equip leading heavy industry organizations with the most comprehensive and technologically and services. Implementing the Sofvie collaborative intelligence platform reduces hazards/risk, incidents and near misses, improves organizational communication, and creates efficient workflows.

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