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Sofvie is designed with the worker in mind. It’s easy to adopt, intuitive to use, and promotes sustainable change.

Give your workers the environment and information they deserve to work safely. Provide management the tools they need to promote the culture to achieve compliance and beyond with ease – all while saving time and energy.

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“This is the way we’ve always done things”. We get it, change can be daunting, but it’s not as hard as you think. Changing with Sofvie is certain to enhance your organization’s ability to manage health and safety, and the way you do business. As long as you have checks and balances along the way and a strong leadership team to navigate, you will succeed.

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Easy to use intuitive design

One of the obstacles with adopting a new system is the learning curve. That’s not a problem with Sofvie. The moment you open the app you’ll feel like you’ve been using it for years.

The benefits of having transparency into the organization’s activities and access to current and potential problem areas allows for faster solutions. Secondly, as the employees see management in action on the issues, they report more issues. This reporting energy allows us to “listen” to the employees on a larger scale by looking at overarching issues that can be present in the workplace.

This software is made for the workers. It has a high adoption rate due to the ease of functionality and UIUX. It also offers transparency in safety across the organization. It ensures that all levels of the company can hold each other accountable to get issues resolved, both from employees to managers and managers to each other.

Tyler N.


A tool that grows with your team

Most clients launch a program that immediately tackles their biggest concerns, and then quickly discover how much more Sofvie brings to the table. We have planned ahead for your company’s growth with modules that are already included in your Sofvie suite of tools. When you’re ready, Sofvie is ready.

Going from paper to digital is not simply a switch. It is a journey of transformation from one way of being into another. Our original vision for implementing Sofvie was to go beyond paperless and into a world of data driven safety; where we can predict and prevent injuries and accidents from happening before they occurred. What we did not expect to gain was a window into the soul of our organization.

Mario G.


Works online and offline

Sofvie was developed with the understanding that wi-fi isn’t always available. Not to worry… Once you reconnect, Sofvie automatically syncs all of the data you capture throughout your work day.

Going from paper to Sofvie was a great change. As a supervisor trying to manage my monthly compliances or working through incidents it saves a lot of time, effort and most importantly…paper. With Sofive its easy to have support from remote locations and off site because they can work through the documents with you via the web application and it makes sharing easy with the download PDF feature.

I like that I can pull up my training records incase I am unsure of my qualifications on a certain unit. I can also ask my guys to pull up theirs on their tablet as well. Its handy for performing investigations or tracking completed work through the incident tool and pre-task tool. During lineup I can verify who has read my lineup and they can download it to always have it on hand.

Kyle S.

Site Supervisor

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