The Safe Performance Platform

Built for the Mining Industry

Sofvie is the only complete solution built for the unique needs of everyone who works in, manages, and leads today’s most demanding mining operations. Our goal is to help companies in the mining industry create safer work environments, happier engaged teams, and more rewarding work cultures to unlock new performance levels.

Your organization deserves to operate at its best.

Sofvie at a Glance

Designed Specifically With the Intricacies of Mining in Mind

Sofvie helps transform complex data into actionable insights, while simplifying compliance, keeping you ahead of the curve with regulatory standards.

Enhances Safety Performance and Communication

While streamlining risk assessments, incident analysis, and strengthening your team’s ability to react before incidents occur, Sofvie creates a culture of proactive safety via two-way communication between the frontline and management.

A One for All, All for One System

No more juggling multiple systems – Sofvie is your single source for safety metrics, reporting, and audits, freeing up time for what really matters: Operational Excellence.

Minimizing Downtime, Maximizing Yield

Unlock real-time monitoring and make data-driven decisions that improve operational excellence, resulting in a rise in overall productivity.

Who We Help



Sofvie allows you to build future leaders while creating an environment where everyone operates at their best.

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Sofvie allows you to reclaim your time and empower your team for true success.

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Sofvie is an easy and fast tool to use, keeping the frontline feeling included and safe during the workday.

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How We Help

Sofvie digitalizes your operations and gives the team better tools, helping find new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Modernized operations deliver better visibility from the face to the back office allowing you to see more of the big picture trends and more accurately into the day-to-day operations of your organization.

With better tools and greater visibility you can create an environment where workers feel safe, significant and situated driving increased engagement and empowering everyone to operate at their best.

We’d love to talk about how we can work together

Do you have questions or want to learn more about our platform, solutions, and pricing? Fill out the contact form, and we will contact you soon! Take advantage of Sofvie’s safe production platform demo to see how it can benefit your organization.

Sofvie makes life at work easier for all levels of the organization.
Our safe production platform has a plethora of easy to use features to accommodate any type of business. We lean heavily on the deliverable tools and daily production tracking. Everything is customizable, but many of the base templates work for us. The chain of custody on essential workplace submission docs is no longer a concern. Info goes from the field to the back end with ease. This platform makes life at work easier for all levels within the organization.

Chris Hendsbee
Operations Manager
We are a testament that Sofvie is best practice safety platform for any industry or business.

From the moment we started working with the Sofvie team, we all realized we wished we had started sooner! Our staff love how easy it is to use. As a supervisor, I like the ability to spot audit hazard assessments and safety programs in real-time. The incident management platforms enable us to work through root causes and troubleshooting across shifts. As an environmental company, we love that it’s paper free!

FROSKR staff work long hours, often in remote areas to get environmental samples. We are a testament that Sofvie is best practice safety platform for any industry or business. We love how it’s going to change our culture around safety and hazard communication.
Kati M.

I am blown away by the usefulness of the product and how intuitive it is to use
The ability to view logs, line-ups, and positive recognitions in this system is so easy. The fact that hazards & controls can be linked right to the line-up. Pictures can be attached to pre and post-ops of mobile equipment. JHSC inspection visits are also completed in the field with pictures and tasks assigned.

I am blown away by the usefulness of the product and how intuitive it is to use.

Jim L.
Sr. Project Manager

Our Recognitions

Unparallel Customer Success

Subject Matter Expertise

Industry: Sofvie was built for miners by miners. We are the only safe performance platform built directly for frontline workers working in adverse and hazardous conditions. We even located our HQ in Sudbury to be closer to our clients and, most importantly,  to get constant feedback from frontline workers.

Safety: Not only do we have industry expertise, we also have health and  safety expertise! Our head of implementation and training was a safety manager at one of the largest mining operators in the world.

Training / Implementation: Our team of implementation specialists and trainers are well versed in adult learning principles and, most importantly, the ins and outs of Sofvie. They’ve seen countless use cases and will guide you on best practices to maximize your investment.

Change Management: Every Sofvie client is assigned a designated Client Success Specialist who will provide guidance and best practice principles, assist with Change Management, and support a successful transition.


Have you ever fallen in love with a software solution, and when you renew, scale, or expand, you find out that the package you had didn’t include everything and that the price has drastically changed?

At Sofvie, we aim to provide full transparency.

  • All out-of-the-box use cases and the ability to create your forms are included.
  • User costs within a tier are outlined in the order form, making expansion budgeting a breeze.
  • We have a white glove service option where all services are included, making it easier to plan and budget multi-phase projects.

White Glove Service

Have you found the perfect solution, i.e. Sofvie, but don’t quite have the right resources to ensure a successful implementation and maintenance?

At Sofvie we include all standard onboarding services within our licence fees because we know that rolling out and maintaining a transformational solution like Sofvie can be challenging and in times like these, you might not have the internal resources or subject matter expertise at your disposal.

For those with internal experts and those well versed in change management, we also have lighter ‘do it yourself’ packages available. Our goal is to ensure your success because if you’re not successful, we won’t be either.


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