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Created and designed by industry leaders with decades of frontline experience, sofvie is a powerful platform that enables you to bring everyone home safely every day.

Give your workforce the communication tools they need on the job to do it safely and productively.

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Our comprehensive production, quality, and safety management platform includes powerful tools to communicate risks at scale, quickly and accurately perform audits, generate reports, and create controls to protect property, equipment, and (most importantly) your people. Sofvie was created to ensure that people go home safely to their families every day.

Gather Data From The Field

Data from the field is only valuable when it’s reliable. Sofvie users describe a massive increase in risk reporting that directly correlates to a decline in incidents. This trend demonstrates a cultural shift towards a more vigilant workforce, producing valuable data that may impact your controls and decisions.

Document storage

Audit, Report and Collaborate

Do away with cumbersome filing cabinets and storage file folders and unlock the power of centralized data.

Sofvie users can generate health and safety forms and reports in minutes. Communicating risks and performing audits are essential steps in safety and collecting rich data to help you define and control risks moving forward.

action management

Analyze and Create Wise Actions!

With the volume and quality of data from the field, it’s now easier to identify root causes, report and control risks, and leverage lessons learned to other sites and situations.

Sofvie is an effective way to engage and collaborate with your team to create actionable and transparent results.

Support your teams with our safe operations platform!

Reduce risk to people, property, and equipment

The biggest value that Sofvie provides is keeping everyone safe and productive. There are fines associated with placing people at risk and a cost associated with damaged property and equipment. But that’s just money. The value of human life is immeasurable.


Transform your workforce from reporting-averse to risk-averse. With Sofvie’s communication power, your team will be involved empowered, and heard. You have all you need to create energy to enhance the opportunities to do better, but what is even stronger is the opportunities to acknowledge the things that are going well. Positive reinforcement goes a long way with everyone in creating the workplace everyone wants to be part of.

Insurance premiums, rebates, fines

The savings from incident management alone is enough to pay for an entire year’s subscription and hardware. Beyond drastically cutting down on administration time, Sofvie makes it much easier to earn rebates, keep your insurance premiums to a manageable level, and avoid potential incident-related fines.

Increase reporting and reduce incident severity

By leveraging the reporting and communication tools. The front line has a bigger voice and begins to proactively look for and report potential risks.  Since they constantly have their eyes peeled for hazards, the number of corrections goes up, and the incident severities come down.

Paper, toner, storage

Eliminate bulky, unmanageable physical storage. Sofvie makes it easy to save space while unleashing the power of real-time data. Save money, and save lives!

Safe Operations Platform: System Wide Features


Offline/Online Functionality

Scale easily from a small team to the entire team seamlessly


Streamline your organization’s communication


Multilingual (English, French, Spanish) following internationalization standards

Greatly reduce record retrieval and admin time, enabling more time in the field

Progressive web application, functional on all modern devices, operating systems, and browsers

Insights from the Experts

Our safe production platform has a plethora of easy to use features to accommodate any type of business. We lean heavily on the H&S deliverable tools and daily production tracking. Everything is customizable, but many of the base templates work for us. The chain of custody on essential workplace submission docs is no longer a concern. Info goes from the field to the back end with ease. This platform makes life at work easier for all levels within the organization.

Chris Hendsbee

Operations Manager

This product was exactly what we were looking for to clean up our health and safety and support our vision and leaders in the industry of drilling and blasting. The program is very functional and encompasses all aspects of health and safety and provides a solid foundation for the collection of information that is easily accessible. The support team has gone above and beyond expectations and helped from the very beginning during implementation to going live. Although the program has set functions and templates, Sofvie was able to provide us with options to replicate what we already had, which was great.

Sofvie’s support team had a similar background to ours, and we really felt they understood our needs. Furthermore, their experience is second to none. They have developed a platform program that so many companies have needed and wanted for a long time, all in one place! This is the perfect fit for our growing company.

Danielle Baker

HSEQ Manager

The ability to view logs, line-ups, and positive recognitions in this system is so easy. The fact that hazards & controls can be linked right to the line-up. Pictures can be attached to pre and post-ops of mobile equipment. JHSC inspection visits are also completed in the field with pictures and tasks assigned.

I am blown away by the usefulness of the product and how intuitive it is to use.

Jim L.

Sr. Project Manager

Our Recognitions

The Business Case For A Safe Production Platform

It can be difficult for some members of the team to fully understand the value of occupational health and safety efforts. This document demonstrates tangible operational savings, measurable efficiency enhancements, and massive improvements to productivity that any stakeholder will appreciate.

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